Dreame - Born for the Lycan
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Born for the Lycan
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Jesiel Baway
In the remote town of hunters, Mikka was born bearing the Lycan's mark with a mysterious power that shape her destiny once she turned eighteen. According to the tales, Mikka envisioned the Lycan Prince as someone who's cold-hearted, fearsome, monstrous, and shrouded in darkness of cruelty. Yet when she finally meet him, her envisioned of him was different from what she had imagined. The Prince appeared to be soft, gentle, and with a smile that could melt the snow around him.To her surprise, the Prince offered her a choice. It was like an oath when the Prince offered her a sudden proposal she never thought would come from the mouth of the Lycan. A chance of freedom after a year of sojourn in the Kingdom. The Prince would let her go, and willing to set her free from his mark if her heart won't choose him.A tumultuous life awaits Mikka inside the Kingdom. Would her cold heart would melt by the Prince's warm? Would her heart choose him, like how he choose her?