Dreame - The Bewitched Mate
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The Bewitched Mate
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
K. Meijer
This story contains: • Loving a werewolf • Cursed love • Second chance • Best friend's brother • Chasing after her • Possessive Alpha • Alpha-Beta-Luna • Age gap • Growing stronger together Just out of school, with the diploma still warm from printing, I return home to celebrate my eighteenth birthday. A milestone, not only considered I'm ready to start my life as an adult, but also since I'll get my wolf, as well as being able to find my mate. A dinner with my family changes everything. My dream of finding a loving mate and living a long and happy life together, is crushed when it turns out that years ago my father had a relationship with a witch. Their split-up was brutal. Leaving Morgan heartbroken, as vengeance she chanted a curse, leaving every heir of my father having to go through a lifetime of being unloved by a fated mate. A bewitched mate. Looking for a new purpose in life, I throw myself into training. As the daughter of a Beta, I get results rather quickly and draw the attention of the soon-to-be Alpha off our pack, The Full Moon Pack. In an effort to soften the long-kept secret, my father has more-or-less promised my hand to the same Alpha. There's only one slight problem, that's not that Alpha whom caught my eye. That Alpha is none other than my best friend's brother, who already has a mate. A human who wants nothing to do with him. Together we rediscover love, we build a future together, we face horrible issues, but in the end, love conquers everything and together we find our second chance at love.