Dreame - World War S 2
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World War S 2
Stephen Paul Thomas
Now the world stands on the brink of another big economic and social crisis. People look for understanding through occult practices, so that mediums and fortunetellers have become wildly successful in helping them escape from reality. No more churches and established religion, Christians now gather in hidden places.  The story continues right after Book 1. Dark clouds are gathering around the Vatican. The economic and moral cataclysm has reached the Papal State. The Master, who’s behind the demonic forces and possessed by the demon of Authority, wants to save the Vatican State.  Meanwhile we learn more about the origins and nature of Josh’s prophetic abilities. A psychiatrist claims that the boy is a reincarnation of his grandfather who was killed by a bullet through his heart, but Julie Bond, his doctor, finds out that she is facing with a lie of a familial spirit which followed Josh’s family through the generations.  While the future of the Vatican hangs in the balance, John Levi, the cop investigating Josh’s accident and the TV-evangelist’s murder, uncovers strange evidence at the scene—Will’s dissected sentences, words, and characters from his Bible collection arranged into several new languages. The big puzzle starts to emerge from the supernatural revealing the movements of the demonic legions… The story continues in the Book 3. – World War S: In the Heart of Black Magic