Dreame - Once Upon a Forbidden Mate
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Once Upon a Forbidden Mate
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Dominic Northwood's family were rogue hunters. Their work was dangerous so when they stopped responding to Dominic's messages he was understandably worried. Consumed with guilt, Dominic dropped out of college so he could find them. He managed to trace their footsteps back to a pack with a dangerous reputation. Desperation causes him to form a precarious arrangement with a nearby pack, who offers to help him take down the pack and find his family. The last thing he needed was to have this arrangement put in jeopardy by the alpha's bed slave calling him mate. He should reject her and focus on the task at hand but he can't bring himself to do it. Can he rescue his family and his mate or will he lose everything? Brianna Kennedy is a strong independent alpha female who was destined to become alpha of her pack until her parents gifted her to a nearby alpha like a fickin present. Between an alpha who calls her slave and a human mate who won't even look at her, she is done playing by their rules. She will take back her freedom by any means necessary. This is a spin off from the story Once Upon a Rejection but can be read as a stand alone story Updates will start on this story in February 2023. Follow my face book page for more updates on my stories.