Dreame - Smiles of the heart( Obianuju II)
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Smiles of the heart( Obianuju II)
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 4+
Princess Juliet
"I got the ring, I got the ring". Obianuju screamed at the top of her voice ,she was so excited.   Her first love , Ademilade just engaged her. She couldn't have asked for anything more as the world seemed to be at her feet.    Marriage. He wants to marry her , he wants her to be his wife, she really couldn't wait.    Hmmmh! but do all engagements  lead to marriage? If yes , will it be the same for the young couple? will their love be enough for them?     Smiles Of The Heart( OBIANUJU II) a Journey through betrayal , broken promises and pains. A suspense filled story with moral lessons and a must read for everyone above the age of eighteen( 18).