Dreame - One Summer with Lander
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One Summer with Lander
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
ONE SUMMER WITH LANDER (Book 1 and Book 2) ❗WARNING: Rated SPG! Suitable only for 18 and above. Ksenia just met the saddest eyes on earth. And the guy who owns those is Lander. When she first saw him on the bus, she knows that he has something inside which he was enduring. But he seems to be so healthy that he can even play basketball, which she based on his jersey outfit. He’s far taller compared to her height. Until they met again at the next gathering. They became teammates at one of their party games. Lander felt so comfortable around her, like he never felt to anyone, even to Kath, his ex. Maybe Ksenia has the most genuine smile and has the most powerful fighting spirits to take away all the spell of sadness. She mostly talks about God and Jesus to him. Talking about all the goodness, miracles and great love they had done to all people. His soul was being nourished because of her. Every time that she is with her, he forgets that he is sick. It makes him want to live longer. Do not copy. Plagiarism is a CRIME! All Rights Reserved, 2021 FrostySnow❄️