Dreame - Cursed Demon's Love
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Cursed Demon's Love
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Paranormal Urban
Isabella Anderson is under the care of a demon named, Neron. Twenty one years old, Isabella Anderson is a player and one of the most popular students in her college. Smile, jokes and, sarcasm never leaves her side or maybe this happiness is just an exterior? Neron is one of the oldest demons residing in Hell. But a particular brunette catches his attention. The broken, timid but happy and snarky human reminds him of his younger self. But what happens when they are f*******n to love? Neron is a cursed demon and Isabella is just a human. Isabella was never, and never will be the destiny of the cruel demon, but when did ever love begged for destiny and fate? When did ever love got affected by destiny? When did love ever fight for command? Join the journey of Isabella Anderson and Neron to discover love. *********************************** "To fall in love, you need to love yourself first."