Dreame - Heart Of A Beast
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Heart Of A Beast
Authoress Dammy
Who doesn't know Damien Stone? The beast himself! The name Stone was said to fit him perfectly because it's suits his ruthless, cold and aggressive attitude. Many haven't seen him but they knew once you do they is no going back! You surely are a dead being no matter what specie you are. The aura surrounding him was powerful marking him out among all men, he's a beast, a ruthless and heartless beast who rule over Snowpack. Damien isn't just like any typical werewolf or Vampire...he's a deadly specie no one knew how he was created, being half Demon, Vampire and werewolf!. The beast never had a mate or did he? Other says the moon goddess simply punish him by not giving him one and others say he killed his mate in anger. The council had tried capture him many times trying to find a way to destroy him but their plan fail each time. But they weren't about to give up cause er...a fascinating creature who just happened to be the beast very weakness appreared! Who could that be?