Dreame - Hop, Skip, Wed
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Hop, Skip, Wed
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 12+
Aiman Ansari
"THIS WAS ALL A JOKE TO YOU???!!!" I screamed. "Just to see if I love you? And if I do how much??" "I didn't know you were gonna overreact so much, calm down I was only making sure?" CALM DOWN??!!! "Making sure??!! You don't know how much I've been through in these two past months, you don't know how much I've cried, you don't know how much pain I've been through. You don't f*****g know!" "Stop being so over dramatic. It's over. Even if it's only one sided love, now at least I know you love me." "That's were you're wrong, I LOVED you, I loved you until I found out what a cold, hearted monster you were, until I found out that you made me lived in sadness for your amusement, until I found out you were making a fool of me at laughing at me in front of your friends, and I lived through all this without saying a word, WHY???!!! Cause I loved you, but not anymore. Remember when I said I'll never give up on you? Well, I guess I was wrong, cause I'm done trying to make this work."