Dreame - Shadows Of Red
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Shadows Of Red
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
COMPLETED Blood. Dark eyes. Cold. Natalie would never forget the things she saw that Halloween night. She would never forget how cold seeped into her bones at the dark figure who stood in front of her. And as if that horrible sight was not enough, news about the sixth missing person in West Vanders was the talk of the town when the morning came. It was the very girl she saw on the floor beside the figure that night. Unmoving, but with eyes open wide. And just when she thought nothing was more stupefying than what she saw, Calum Price, the mysteriously gorgeous plutocrat of their town, was in the same situation; being the cold and dark figure that's seemingly luring her and making her want to surrender to his wishes, even if it meant going with him. Disappearing with him.