Dreame - Total Chastity Toy
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Total Chastity Toy
JG Leathers
Steamy Stories
"This is the story of a man’s deep fascination with medical body and limb braces and these used in combination with other frightening medical devices, but his fetish interests don't stop there!  Charley is also deeply interested in the wearing of formidable corsets, tight longline bra's, shoulder braces, heavily elasticised stockings, and of course, high boots. While at home, Charley thoroughly enjoys his overwhelming desire to experience life dressed in all of his fetish clothing and to use his now custommade medical restraints and corsets, then eventually, after he and his wife have made their fortunes, they decide to move far into the wilderness so that he will be able to pursue his interests in full measure.  His wife has never had any issues with Charley’s interests, but when he reveals the full extent of his desires, she presents him with an exceedingly strict contract that he must agree to or their  marriage will end immediately.  Given this stark choice, he accepts and signs the ‘Agreement’, then Charley's life becomes governed by severe rules and within months his existence has completely changed. His dreams of feminization are quickly realized and his name is changed to 'Charli' as his feminine identity, but that isn’t the end … only the beginning.  As well as his dreams coming true so too are many of his wife's!  She becomes the cruellest of Mistresses he could have imagined and that has encouraged that untilnowconcealed part of her personality.  To Charli’s increasing horror, ‘she’ finds that what used to be her life, has spun violently out of her control, and there’s no going back. Charli is soon multiply and permanently pierced then is subjected to irreversible body modifications, all the while kept constantly leashed and in strict bondage.  Charli's feelings and desires no longer matter and to her, formerly his, growing terror, the Mistress now constantly disciplines her/him with unbearable sensations until eventually, 'Charli' is entombed in a stainless steel statue that cannot be opened. However, that isn’t the end!  Charli is returned to the outer world and further adventures at home and abroad." Includes: corsets, limb braces, piercings, feminization, body modifications, bondage, leashes and everything else you expect from JGLeathers!