Dreame - Protecting Her
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Protecting Her
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
At a very young age he was given a responsibility for a lifetime. A responsibility that consumed him, a responsibility that held him back... A Responsibility to Protect the Princess of Reighton. Was he happy because of the arrangement? Obviously not. Was he going to back out? Never. **************************************************************************************** Emily Trenton, only daughter of Michael and Isabella Trenton, Duke and Duchess of the Trenton Empire. A girl who yearned for a simple life. A life in which her only worries should be the flying cockroach or the dresses she might wear for the house parties or the dinner which should be prepared for her happy joint family, a life in which her Ian will acknowledge her. Christian Knight, the oldest son of Alexander Knight. Alex was the most trusted man of the Duke of Reighton, who gave up his life protecting the princess Christian always hated the royal affairs because it kept his father far away from his family. It gave him the responsibilities which kept him from fulfilling the responsibilities towards his own family. Join in the roller coaster ride of love and hate relationship of Emily and Christian,