Dreame - His True Bride
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His True Bride
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Wendy Gipp
The Marquess of Highmore has been gone 10 years traveling the world. Now his family's lands are suffering and he needs to come home. He has enjoyed his solitary life of adventure. Will he be able to still enjoy his life while fulfilling his duties as the eldest son of the Highland family? Evelyn has lived the last 5 years as a widow. While being very young, her widower status has allowed her to live a life of freedom and privacy. But she is beginning to feel restless and wants something more. Is the room in Evelyn's life for more than just her widower reputation? Will these two lonely hearts find what they are looking for in life? Is there someone out there that will show these two lonely hearts that two is better than one? Who will be the Duke's true bride?